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Our Early Learning Program is here!

You've asked. We've answered. We are excited to launch our Early Enrichment Program, an early learning program for our Awesome Learners!

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Awetism Wonderland

Special Needs, Special Solutions

Awetism Wonderland is an autism therapy center located in St. Augustine, FL. We offer a variety of therapies to meet your AWEsome person where they are. Whether you're looking for traditional autism therapies, such as ABA, PT/OT/ST, or Anat Banial or you're looking for complementary therapist like life skills therapies, we've got it all here at our center.

Learn more about how our center came to life.

"I needed adaptive learning for my daughter that traditional learning centers could not provide." - Dr. Stephanie Vavilala
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Awetism Wonderland is a brand new, evolving autism therapy center. We have a lot of great ideas and want to share them with the world. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of new happenings that can benefit you!

The Awe and Wonder of Awetism

The wonder of autism is seeing the world differently, and in seeing it through a new lens, you are filled with surprise mixed with admiration because of something beautiful or unexpected.

Looking for help in navigating an autism diagnosis?

Maybe you've heard of autism but don't quite understand what it is. Maybe you're not sure if your child may have autism. This section is dedicated to learning more about autism and finding resources to help you.

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